Buzzkill was that something I took 30 seconds of insane courage on. It was make or break, do or die, and now was my time to strike. It all started with an org I had just started up with a measly 200 or so followers and just me operating it. Hell I wasn't even actually an org, I was a one man show with a dream. I knew the first part to making a name is getting sponsors. So, I got in touch with RevizeCo and talked about getting jerseys made and a logo designed. In the process of all of that I noticed how quick Revize was growing. It was tremendous. We talked for a few days about him starting up a team for Revize, someone to make it stand out in the crowd amongst the rest of the community. He sent me the Buzzkill logo, and at the very moment I knew that this was my shot, my once in a lifetime chance. So I took it. I asked him to give me the opportunity to build Buzzkill into something unimaginable. And that's exactly what happened. 3 months of blood, sweat, and tears, all on my own.... Look at us!!! It's unbelievable the things we have conquered, the mountains we have climbed. We are no longer the next big thing. We are the big thing. We are BUZZKILL ⚡️

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